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Childs Play Stair Chair

A must have for every home!   This 3-in-1 chair uses the Montessori philosophy of early child development by having a low position for children younger than 12 months old to sit comfortable with side supports.

As they get older, the opposite side of the chair has a 7" high seat for children all the way to 4 years old!

By that time the convenient grab handles allows for carrying where they need to go, for that extra step - enable your children to wash their hands, brush their teeth, or put away their own things by giving them that extra boost with a lightweight, sturdy and eco-friendly chair and stool in one!

**Looking for a set? Pair with our Childs Play Table and Light Board for a work/play set that will last for years!**

  • 3 positions for 3 uses, 4" seat height 7" seat height and step stool
  • High sided walls to prevent falling over
  • 1/2" maple hardwood for the highest quality materials available
  • Designed and Made in California
  • Easy 4-step assembly
  • Rubberized feet for no-slip surfaces
  • 11lbs and 200lb capacity, built to last!

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