They're going to grow out of it anyway!

Childs Play Stair Chair - Chair and Step Ladder in One!

Our newly redesigned, machine quality, hand sanded Stair Chair!  Compare to other modern, Montessori designed chairs.  Simply the best high wall chair and step stool combo on the market at the most fair and reasonable price, American made and hand built. 

A must have for every home!   This 3-in-1 chair uses the Montessori philosophy of early child development by having a low position for children younger than 12 months old to sit comfortable with side supports.

The low side has a reasonable 6" seat height for children as young as one.

As they get older, the opposite side of the chair has a 9.5" high seat for children all the way to 4 years old!  

The convenient grab handles allows for carrying where they need to go, for that extra step - enable your children to wash their hands, brush their teeth, or put away their own things by giving them that extra boost with a lightweight, sturdy and eco-friendly chair and stool in one!

**Looking for a set? Pair with our Childs Play Table and Light Board for a work/play set that will last for years!**

  • 3 positions for 3 uses, 6" seat height 9.5" seat height and step stool
  • 100% Chemical, Paint, Formaldehyde Free
  • High sided walls to prevent falling over
  • 1/2" maple hardwood for the highest quality materials available
  • Designed and Made in California
  • Easy 4-step assembly
  • CNC machined compression fit for sturdiness
  • Lifetime replacement
  • Natural maple has wood blemishes and imperfections, every chair is hand filled and sanded - no large scale manufactured product has this kind of attention!

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