They're going to grow out of it anyway!


Child's Play Tower - 3 step

The "walk-in" 3 step design is inviting and encourages your child to enter the tower themselves - rather than having to lift them into position, unlike other towers, developing their sense of independence.
  • Locally Designed and Manufactured in Oakland CA - Child's Play is committed to local business and workforce prosperity.
  • 3/4" Maple!  All-natural and recycled materials with minimum ecological footprint
  • Under 30 lbs and can support over 250 lbs!  Tested over weeks to meet all safety standards
  • Assemble and Disassemble in under 60 seconds with no tools! 
  • Includes rubber feet for hardwood floors
Its been shown that children often feel isolated and left out of the household simply by being too short to be involved in the kitchen experience. 

When children become interactive - they feel included and ultimately make better food choices for the rest of their life.

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