Far Out Slime Kit

Far Out Slime Kit

  • $17.99

Far Out Slime lets kids discover the far out loopy, goopy world of slime! Explore and concoct gooey mixtures in your own slime lab. Create 6 different types of slimes: glitter galaxy, magnetic, heat sensitive color changing and more. This colorful crazy world of Far Out Slime is gobs of fun!

Ages 10+

Creates six types of slime

Teaches beginner chemistry lessons

Step by step lesson guide

Skill Building The experiments in this kit will teach children the basics of science and chemistry, helping them learn new concepts. As they read through the step-by-step instructions, children practice language and literacy skills.

Package Contents: Includes 2 Bags of Sodium Tetraborate Solution (2.36oz/70mL), Magnetite Powder (1.41oz/40g), Guar Gum (0.5oz/14g), Thermochromic Pigment (0.03oz/1mL), Polyvinyl Alcohol Solution (2oz/59mL), Glitter (0.03oz/1g), Red Food Coloring (0.07oz/2mL), Yellow Food Recommended Age: 10 Years to 14 Years

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