Lab In A Bag Test Tube Adventures

  • $21.99

This is the ultimate portable science lab. Created by Steve Spangler, each Lab-in-a-Bag kit comes with 10-15 activities for hours of science fun. Play with touchable bubbles, make a super bouncing ball, watch ink disappear and more!

This kit includes, test tubes, test tube rack, worm goo and activator, pre-colored crystals, special bubble solutions, disappearing ink, bouncing ball powder and mold and instructions. When you’re finished, just put everything back into the bag for easy clean up.

Recommended for ages 8 and up.

What’s Included? Super Ball Touchable Bubbles Magic Ink Insta-Worms Colored Crystals

What Does It Teach? With the Lab in a Bag Test Tube Adventures kit, you can perform experiments with the included materials as well as the following test tube experiments…

Discovery Tube Liquid

Laboratory Roots with a View Time Capsule

Make your own Twister

Sands of Time

Marble Challenge

Flower Holder Rain Gauge

Message in a Bottle

Pop Goes the Weasel

Travel Containers Glitter Wand

Magnifying Glass

Rhythm Tube

Color Mixing with your Eyes

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