My First Outer Space Science Kit

  • $21.99

What do you see in the sky at night? The moon and stars and maybe even another planet! But they’re so far away. Let’s bring them closer to home! In this kit you’ll find everything kids need to bring the outer space indoors. Kids will create amazing displays of stars and planets on their ceiling and walls. They’ll make their own pattern of shining stars, and they’ll get planets to glow in the dark. Along the way, they’ll learn some really cold science about all the things floating around in space.

This science kit is a great educational gift for kids ages 4 and up!

Kit includes: 2 constellations discs 2 sticker sheets Solar system poster Star film set Space projector 9-page activity guide

This My First Science Kit was based on the Great Explorations in Math and Science (GEMS) program which was developed at UC Berkeley’s Lawrence Hall of Science.

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